Bad Bad Man – Geoff Everett Band

I recently watched the fifth, yes fifth, movie in the Tremors franchise: Tremors 5: Bloodlines. Michael Gross reprised his role as Burt Gummer once again, the only member of the original cast to have appeared in all of the Tremors films. This time, the role of the quirky sidekick was played by Jamie Kennedy, who I usually don’t care much for. He fit the role here perfectly, though, mainly because his character was a “bro,” much like he comes across himself. He played himself, possibly exaggerated. I recommend the movie if you like B horror films or have seen the other movies.

This song plays in the movie as Burt is flying into the exotic location of South Africa to fight a new batch of Graboids. It’s the perfect introduction song for Gummer, as he’s always played up as the survivalist of the movies. It’s a great blues-rock tune that was recorded by Everett, an English guitarist and vocalist. Blues is huge in the UK, even bigger than it is in America. This can be seen through the influence it’s had on groups and artists like Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin. Everett is another great product of the blues influence on rock and roll music.

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